Food System Intelligence

Your company feeds the world.
Our AI sustains your profits.

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Global Food & Beverage Companies Use
Trellis to Optimize Their Supply Chains

A Single Platform for Greater
Food Production Efficiency and Sustainability

Sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. The more you make of your resources, the healthier your business will be. Our advanced AI demonstrates how and when to source your produce to ensure you accurately meet market demands and business targets.

Trellis’ unique approach to Food System Intelligence means that fluctuations in agriculture do not cause fluctuations in profit.

Forecast Accurately

Use real-time Crop Predictions to neutralize instability and risk in agricultural production.

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Act Quickly

Leverage Supply Chain Insights to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your entire operation.

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Plan Confidently

Gain sophisticated Market Intelligence to understand your procurement needs earlier and more accurately.

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Reimagining the Food Value Chain

Maximize Supply Chain
Profitability and Efficiency

Forge Stronger Partnerships
With Food Growers

Conserve Planet Resources
and Reduce Waste

Cut Agriculture
Produce Costs
by 15%

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