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Our lives depend on the agriculture and food production, and yet fully one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption — approximately 1.3 billion tons — is lost or wasted across the supply-chain every year. Our current food systems are not sustainable for either the planet or the market. Trellis AI reduces agricultural waste and improves food production efficiencies in order to help conserve global resources, bringing more value to growers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, and making food and beverage manufacturing more resource-efficient and scalable than ever before.

The People Behind Trellis

The food supply chain is more complex than ever before, and current food systems are vulnerable due to shifting market needs and global climate change. To address this challenge, we brought together a team of leading AI experts, agricultural data scientists, applied researchers, mathematicians, and engineers. We believe that AI can unleash new economies of scale in agri-food production. We love collaborating with smart, passionate, and curious individuals motivated to make a bold leap forward to boost food production efficiency, reduce food waste, and strengthen global food security.

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Executive Team

Ilai Englard

Ilay is a seasoned tech entrepreneur. He founded Trellis to bring a new level of efficiency and sustainability to global food systems. An awarded officer at IDF’s elite 8200 intelligence unit, Ilay also lead complex R&D and product innovation of Big-data/AI platforms at Microsoft and start-ups.

Co-Founder & CEO
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Ishai Oren, PhD

Formerly co-founder and chief scientist at Yadata (acquired by Microsoft), Ishai has over 25 years’ experience in machine learning and statistical modelling. He served as an advisor to the IDF in cryptography, and is recipient of the Israel National Security Award. He earned his PhD in mathematics at Stanford University.

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist
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Calanit Bar Am, PhD

Calanit Bar Am has over 20 years of global commercial experience including international marketing, business development and finance. Her professional achievements include building commercial teams, successful M&A, establishment of JVs and collaboration agreements with third parties as well as establishment of operations in new markets.
Calanit has strong academic and research skills, focus on climate change, environment, water and sustainable development. Her academic research concentrates on the agricultural sector, climate change, adoption of innovations and sustainable development.

Chief Strategy Officer
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Efrat Bar Giora

Efrat is a seasoned software engineer and team leader with vast experience in online, cloud and mobile technologies. She is a former decorated officer in the IDF’s elite intelligence unit 8200 and earned her BSc in Computer Science as well as BSc in Biology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Why are we here?


Of Food is Lost
or Wasted

3 Trillion

Economic Loss
Every Year


Of Greenhouse
Gas Emission

Boost Supply Chain
and Production Efficiency
by 20%

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