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Use live AI recommendations to optimize every aspect of your supply chain.


Supply Chain Insights

Field Ops Performance

Trellis can predict how field treatments such as fertilization, irrigation, harvest-timing, and spraying will impact your sourcing goals, and lets you fine-tune agro-technical operations to improve your yield. By analyzing data from across the network’s fields and growers, Trellis can quantify the impact of specific field operational activities and isolate them from external factors, like weather, crop disease, and more.

Smart Harvest Booking

Food companies’ biggest losses come from poorly planned harvest booking schedules. Trellis aggregates all of the relevant information you need to make informed decisions regarding harvest schedule, order, and priority. The platform considers crop status, manufacturing and storage capacity, timing goals, quantities, and can even recommend how many trucks to send to each field.

Crop Performance Drivers

A healthy relationship between food companies, growers, and suppliers is good for everyone’s business. Trellis helps coordinate your cross-organizational efforts by learning from past activities, and offering insights for improving performance across different environmental conditions, such as seasons and weather. Trellis incorporates harvest drivers such as timing, field inputs, varieties, grower profiles, locations, and more – all of which impact crops and your bottom line.


Collaboration Tools to Grow your Business

Improve Supplier Relations

Stay on the same page with your suppliers and help them overcome common challenges that impact your shared business.

Learn From Every Season

Trellis automatically learns from every growing season to make your shared future efforts more profitable for everyone.

Increase Information Sharing

Effortlessly share information and build constructive dialogues before, during, and after the season to improve overall supply chain efficiency.

Streamline Communications

Keep your cross-organizational communications centralized and concise. By reducing chatter, your teams can focus on the most important work.

Trellis Platform Capabilities

Crop Predictions

Forecast Accurately. Use real-time Crop Predictions to neutralize instability and risk in agriculture production.

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Market Intelligence

Plan Confidently. Gain sophisticated Market Intelligence to understand your procurement needs earlier and more accurately.

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